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Wow! All I can say is, Wow! Josh Phillips and team exceeded every expectation I had and I am now a life long customer. My wife and I made a decision to sell our house, however, when we received the offer the buyer wanted to close quickly, 2 weeks from the offer date. We immediately started looking for a new home and were lucky enough to find something within the same week. This is when Josh Phillips took over and directed us on what steps were needed to close quickly on the new home. We were barely below a qualifying credit score, 584 for me and 560 for my wife. Josh ran a credit simulation to determine what was needed to get a rapid increase in our score. We followed his direction and within a week we had a prequal letter. He then directed us on what documents and other items were needed to close the loan. He was optimistic we would be able to close in 14 days, we closed in 12. As a family of 5, avoiding the cost of staying in a hotel or renting month to month was a huge burden lifted and we owe that to the hard work of Josh. We ended up only having to stay with family for a week and moved into our new home yesterday. I will be working with Josh in the coming months to get my credit score even higher, with the intention of refinancing into a conventional. Great work Josh, I appreciate everything you did for me and the family

Joshua Phillips Loan Officer

Joshua Phillips

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